Birth Order Influence On Life

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Influence of Birth Order on Life
Birth order is something no one can change, yet many scholars have tried their best to interpret its many effects on each child’s life. The order in which a child arrives will either crown him or her as the first ruler over the land with undivided attention, the sociable, peacemaker between the young and old, or as the last of the pack just floating through life learning from those before them. No one can chose their path, but throughout life people will come to love their placement or resent it. Their status tends to stick with them all through life and that label will be the reason behind his or her behaviors (Eckstein 61). Much like gender differences, this order demonstrates key distinctions
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On one hand is the theory that said order creates behaviors in people that lead to them choosing occupation that possess a need for those traits. However, on the other hand, a belief that the job choice comes from the way a family is structured through the investment of the parents on the child throughout their life (Grinberg 463-464). Sulloway agrees that birth order equips the eldest and youngest kids with qualities that when combined with the parent’s way of parenting styles create a platform for their future. An example of this statement is that youngest child receive less attention from their parents and learn more from their older siblings which helps develop a more sociable side. Unlike, the first born who had the undivided attention of the parents and picked all their behaviors from the adults making them possess a more responsible side. Earley counters Sulloway by suggesting that a child growth comes from the feedback they gain from those around them. He states that younger children get feedback in the form of orders with instructions, and the older children get feedback in the form of steps to complete a duty making them more receptive to instructions than their younger siblings (Grinberg 465). Other counters to Sulloway include Economists whom describe children as utilities to the …show more content…
This review is a tool to compare the way authors reference other authors in their own writings. The order in which people have been born has been around for centuries, and these academic writings break down each position in every aspect of life. There are a variety of ways to write on this topic. However, this review depicts a report of the traits each position possesses, the influence on profession, and how one role feels inferior to the other. Discussions on the true effects of birth order will continue as time progress, but these topics will be addressed in every

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