Birth Of Culture And Musical Theater Essay

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Birth of Culture and Musical Theater
The lady smiles while she directs you to your seat. “Third row down, to the two seats at the very left side.” You find your seat as you comfortably start to settle down making sure that you can see the stage since you paid a little more money in order for you to be at the very front closer to the actors. The energy feels excited but still content. You hear the rest of the people talking quietly to the person next to them. The third bell rung however, the lights of the theater dim, making the stage brighter. The crowd shushes. Complete silence. You understand form the set of the theater where the play is taking place even though it might not look completely natural. The actors enter; the costumes reflect exactly the characters played and the setting of the play. You start getting into the story as they begin to speak. Your role is to be an observer of the piece, not to be involved in it. This is why the actors never address the audience; there is a wall between audience and actors. You are enjoying your time, following the plot.
This is the traditional theater experience in the 21st centaury. It is familiar. It is normal. No questioning of where it came from, why it is considered the norm, does it follow the culture or do the cultures follow it? The theater we now call traditional came from a very different place and carries a lot of history. It has developed cultures and it was used for very different than it is used now. “It could be…

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