Essay on Birth Control and Poverty Reduction

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This week we looked at the relationship between family planning, life expectancy and economic growth. Generally, most people and organizations concur that there is a relationship among these variables. Birth control has an input in the rate of population growth. The level of population in the world or in a country seems to impact on economic growth and the level of the standard of living f the people.
Let us look at the question of the relationship between family planning and population growth. The more the people practice family planning the more likely that the population will stabilize in the long run. The population may also grow at a decreased rate. There is no question on the fact that family planning has assisted in controlling
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So we can see that if there is good family planning there is lower population growth, which all other variables are kept constant, can lead to economic growth. This brings us to the ethical issue which we want to concentrate on now. The question is: Should the government limit the family size in a country? Some people argue that it is economically and socially viable to limit the size of the family. This is good in that our resources are depleting, much that they can not sustain a bigger population.
The ethical question is: should the government limit the size of the family? Those who want the government to introduce legislation to limit the size of the family argue that doing so would lead to economic growth for the country. People would have a better way of living. The standard of living goes up. That is then buttressed by higher life expectancy and sustainability. People with smaller families would have more money to save. If we have a culture of saving in the country the economy is posed to respond positively. The multiplier effect would come into effect. Above that, there will also be better medical facilities, better recreation facilities, better education and high employment rate. However, is limiting the size of the family ethical. Would it be a panacea to the social and economic challenges the world is currently facing. More so, limiting the size of the family poses an ethical dilemma. Basically, the size of the family is decided on a personal level. That

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