Pro Birth Control Essay

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Imagine having to jump through various hoops just to secure any form of contraception that will help you not get pregnant without the intention. For decades, women have been doing just that in order to get something that should be an automatic right. Allowing birth control to be made easier to access would both decrease the rates of unintended pregnancy as well as lower teenage pregnancy rates around the nation.
Back in 1933, during the early stages of birth control this exact issue was being introduced. Midst the heart of the Great Depression, Walter Pierce introduced a bill to Congress that would allow doctors to have discussions with their patients regarding birth control. This bill was very controversial for its time, and it shows that
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Following multiple studies, it’s been proven that birth control pills pose no less of a threat than ibuprofen or any other over the counter medicine does. The pill is one of the best studied medicines on the market as of today and many reputable individuals believe that it is safe enough to be given without a prescription. Back in 2012, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists supported the idea of offering over the counter access to the pill. There will be many benefits to nonprescription birth control, the top three being the logistics behind it, the cost, and the convenience. The logistics behind it shows that many women prefer not to wait for appointments to see a doctor in order to get a prescription for the pill. An Oregon high school teacher in an interview on the new ruling for contraception has said that, “I would certainly take advantage of it, I shouldn’t be in a position to have to go to a doctor when my pills run out.” The cost of the pill will also decrease since it is now being produced in a much greater quantity. The amount of women that go on to birth control pills will increase because of how painless it will be to receive …show more content…
There are multiple issues with allowing the pill over the counter, one major one being a formation of a blood disorder. Dr. Poppy Daniels is an OBGYN and a specialist who sees patients that have blood clotting disorders. Many of her patients develop these disorders from their hormonal birth control. Dr. Poppy Daniels, in an article on the risks of over the counter birth control, states, “My concern is that you’re basically taking women who have no counseling, no family history, no risk assessment, and they’re just getting [hormonal birth control] without guidance.” Another issue is that patients will not have as close of a relationship with their doctors. If women do not have to go to the doctor and they experience serious side effects from their birth control, many doctors will not know of these issues, or be able to monitor them. Some of the side effects that may occur can be very serious, and without notifying the physician they may result in a very fatal

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