Birds And Thirty- Eight Species Of Orchids Essays

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birds and thirty- eight species of orchids. He was called a evolutionary biologist. Mayr lives exactly one hundred year, and wrote books like 1963 classic, Animal Species and Evolution. I find this very interesting especially the way Mayr explained and defined species as a group of interbreeding natural populations that are reproductively isolated from other such groups. The definition is known as the biological species concept or BSC, this I can make more simply by saying, member of different traits, differences in appearance, behavior, or physiology that prevent them from successfully interbreeding while members of the same species can interbreed without any problem (172).
After such an interesting chapter like chapter 7, I was wondering where could this author go, but in chapter 8 the question was put to us, What About Us? Then it opens by saying” A Darwinian Man, though well behaved, At best is only a monkey shaded” (William S. Gilbert and Author Sullivan, Princess Ida, text 190). We were able to learn about the “Missing Link” again this chapter reads like a fiction novel or movie. The Missing Link was sent to Raymond Dart in the mail. When he received this fossil he describes the moment: as a thrill of excitement, no ordinary anthropoid brain, replica of a brain three times as large as that of a Baboon and much bigger than that of an adult chimpanzee. As my granddaughter would say “how cool is that?” Well the fact that this chapter also says that, we are apes,…

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