Birds And Their Human Habitat Essay

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Introduction: The importance of this study is to learn about birds and their relation to their habitat. There are many bird species that are abundant in the the woodlands of Westfield. Where different species of bird are located, depends on the environment. An environment can have a completely different habitat than another environment. Because of this, we suspect birds to favor one habitat over the other. From our hypothesis, we believe birds are going to be more numerous by the Westfield River than the wetland and will be more active during the morning. Question

Where are birds going to be most commonly spotted at walking distance from Westfield State University, the wetland or the westfield river floodplain forest?

The forests of Masachusetts can be considered among the world’s most diverse and productive for breeding birds(ma habitat). There are several different forest habitats in the region(ma habitat) Therefore, birds have a choice of their habitat, and their choice depends on one factor. That is birds select their habitat based on vegetation structure (seasonal bird, proquest). Vegetation can vary from openfield, to understory an midstory. There can also be distinct niches of vegetation such as disturbed sites with downed treefall, trees with snags and cavities, places with deciduous leaf litter, and forested wetlands (ma habitat). Certain species of bird, prefer to interact and nest in certain habitats. When birds migrate they select a…

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