Bird Nest Case Study

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1.1 Company Background
The Face which is based in Sarawak decided to introduce a product, bird’s nest facial mask, which is made by the bird’s nest, and solely based on specialized knowledge and experiences on fundamentals of skin. We have decided to export our products domestically and to international regions of the world, which is China and Korea. We choose bird’s nest facial mask as our product because it has a lot of natural nutrients which are beneficial for the consumers. This nutritious bird’s nest facial mask has a high demands among the females especially as it is healthier compared to other facial masks.
The Face is to set up a production and manufacturing factory in Sarawak and branches in China and Korea. The branches
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The raw material can be easily found in Sarawak, because Sarawak is one of the most states to harvest bird’s nest. There is no confusion of its originality and nutrition because Malaysia is one of the major exports countries for bird’s nest. Weakness
The delivery and time management for product could not be accurate to 100%. This is because, natural disaster could happen anytime across the sea which could lead to flight delays and default finished products Opportunities
The company have the opportunities to increase the concentration of the bird’s nest in the liquid extract to increase the effectiveness and also portion of Collagen in the facial mask. Thread
There are other competitors that are selling other mask but different types of ingredients used. Even though their product using different base ingredients, but they are still our market competitor in terms of skin care products.

3.5 Product
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Our product details, available location, and price will be easily accessed by consumers. In the future, we may consider fax or email orders as well a phone application. Now, we are relying on personal contact with retailers to establish our products in their shops. This contact, whether in-person or by phone, helps convey The Face message, demonstrate the product’s unique qualities and build relationships. Our staff will visit each shop once a month to make sure our products is always sufficient for the market demand. Sales promotion currently is our company main promotional strategy. We will work with retailers to offer short-term sales promotions tied to event and contests. Beside, we also advertise our product in newspapers and cosmetic magazine for a period to make our product become more

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