Bipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Treatments Essay

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Bipolar Disorder

Kristopher Hughes October 16, 2014 WC 897

In the second century A.D. a Greek physician by the name, Aretaeus of Cappadacia, noted the the existence of both manic and depressive moods in one person.(Haycock, 2006 pg 20) This was the first observation in the mental disorder known today as Bipolar Disorder. It took over a thousand years later for the term of a German psychiatrist, Emil Kraepelin, to introduce his concept of “ manic depressive insanity” as a medical term.(Haycock, 2006 pg 20) Manic Depression has now been termed Bipolar Disorder. The definition of this disorder marks the afflicted with extreme highs and extreme lows in moods. Mania is an extreme high that makes a person euphoric and can cause them to believe that even the slightest accomplishments are wondrous achievements.(Haycock, 2006 pg 26) This state can also have thoughts and speech racing to keep up with one another. In extreme cases mania can come with hallucinations, hearing voices that encourage outrageous behavior, and nonsensical connections in theories. This can also cause a person to go without sleep for days at a time. Depression is the extreme low a person will feel. It is the polar opposite of the mania. Depression causes a person to want nothing but sleep while feeling alone and useless. A person will believe they are in physical pain without any physical ailment. They may even…

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