Bipolar Disorder : Mental And Personality Disorders Essay

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We live in a world of full people with all kinds of mental and personality disorders. One of the more common disorders we hear about is bipolar disorder. A bipolar disorder is a mood disorder with a broad spectrum of symptoms manifesting through altered mood, energy, self perception, speed of cognition, and accompanying difficulties with elevated mood phase impulse control. Bipolar symptoms are generally divided into two subcategories: depressed mood and elevated mood (Post & Leverich 2008). People of all ages can suffer from bipolar disorders but it more likely to be found in teenagers and adults. The major factors that play a role in bipolar disorder are stress and anxiety, anxiety has been found to predict more negative outcomes (Boylan et al., 2004; Guardino & Miller, 2005). Also low self-esteem and difficulty in regulating thoughts and feelings can make a person bipolar (Ball et al., 2007). Now there is a type of therapy for individuals suffering from bipolar disorders and its called mindfulness-based cognitive therapy: this was developed to reduce relapse in people with a history of depressive disorder (Ma& Teasdale, 2004: Teasdale et al., 2000). Mindfulness means to promote self-acceptance and improve regulation of negative thoughts and moods (Segal et al., 2002). About a couple of years ago there was a research study at the University of Virginia and it studied bipolar disorders among students in the population. Psychologist believed that students at college are…

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