Bipolar Disorder Is A Mental Illness Essay

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Bipolar disorder is a mental illness primarily characterized by extreme mood swings. Those with the mood disorder experience intangible high points known as mania, and horrific down points known as depression. My mother is bipolar.
My mother made up a lullaby for me when I was a baby. “Summer Dawn is a Summer Dawn, she’s the one I’m counting on.” The unique tune still floats through my mind, years after last hearing my mother sing it.
I have heard from my aunt and uncle – the two people who primarily raised me, in conjunction with my father – that they saw hand marks all over my legs when I was a toddler, from my mother holding me upside down and smacking me.
When I was 8 years old and living with my mother and her brother Keith in Kansas, she loved me enough to realize she could not adequately care for a child. She had taken me from my home, the east coast, less than a year and a half previously – away from my school, my friends, my father, my half-sister, my aunt and uncle. She knew her meager wages as a waitress and caterer combined with her party lifestyle of drinking with strange men in our basement were not conducive to parenting a young, developing daughter.
In the fall of third grade, I moved in with the aunt and uncle, Terry and Web, who had helped raise me since my birth. I still visited my mother and other family members in Kansas each summer.
I didn’t know about my mother’s cocaine addiction until I was around 15. She was addicted when she was eighteen…

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