Essay about Bipolar Disorder - Effect on One's Life

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Bipolar Disorder: Effects on One’s Life

Seminar II: Developing Learning Tools

Ottawa University

Ms. Nancy Hindle

Tonya Nelson

April 11, 2012

Abstract This literature review explores bipolar disorder (BD) and how it can affect one’s life. Patients experience extreme highs (mania/hypomania) and lows (depression) with this disorder. These episodes vary by type. There are various types of BD as well as multiple forms of treatments. There are also links between alcohol abuse or dependence (AUD) and social phobia (SP) with bipolar disorder. After treatment one may lead a full and productive life; however if untreated this disorder can affect mood, behavior and judgment, leading to poor performance at work, school and in
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If one has three or more of these symptoms combined with an elevated mood nearly every day for one week or more, one is typically diagnosed with a manic episode. General symptoms of lows (depressive) include: crying spells/sadness, no interest in activities once enjoyed, isolation, noticeable changes in sleep and appetite, anger, anxiety, hopelessness, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, thoughts of suicide, attempted suicide and chronic soreness and aches that are not caused by a physical condition. If one has five or more of these depressive symptoms most of the day for two weeks or longer, one is typically diagnosed with a depressive episode (NIMH, 2008). Type I bipolar disorder is the most severe form, and one will have extreme manic episodes or mixed episodes (mania and depressive) almost each day for one week and have also experienced one or more major depressive episodes (NIMH, 2008). With type II, one will have one major depressive episode along with at least one episode of hypomania. One may have an elevated mood or be irritable, lasting at least four days and be out of the norm for their non-depressed mood. With hypomania one can feel very well and be productive; however,

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