Essay about Bipolar Disorder ( Bd )

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Prior to the assigned homework I had an elementary understanding of Bipolar Disorder (BD). After reading the two assigned studies “Extra dimensions in all aspects of life-the meaning of life with bipolar disorder” and “Definitional Issues in Bipolar Disorder Across the Life Cycle” I feel they greatly expanded my understanding of BD. The videos, “Manic Episode” and “Rapid Cycling” provided me with a real life understanding of what BD looks like. In “Manic Episode” the viewer experiences what it is like to interact with a person experiencing a manic state. Although I had read about manic states prior to viewing the video, seeing a real life depiction of someone in the manic state made it more understandable for me. I found Michael Landreau’s video of how he experienced rapid cycling very impactful. Viewing the rapidly changing video gave me empathy and a better understanding of his experience with BD.
The conventional study “Definitional Issues in Bipolar Disorder Across the Life Cycle” reinforced what I had learned from the text book regarding the broad definition of the current diagnostic criteria for bipolar I and bipolar II and associated categories, but also went further by looking into the gaps and limitations of the current definitions and categorical classifications used in the DSM V and the ICD 10.
This study highlighted some of the distinctions between children and adults with BD, such as, adults with BD experience “rapid cycling”, multiple distinct episodes…

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