Bipolar Disorder And Schizophrenia Disorder Essay example

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After reviewing the materials provided on bipolar disorder, my knowledge expanded on the different aspects effected by the disorder. Hearing individuals discuss their experiences is insightful and really paints the picture of what their daily life looks like. As much as treatment helps with the severity of this disorder, it is crucial to understand how debilitating this disorder can be. Individuals with this diagnosis describe the feeling of being two different people, or one person with two different sides to them. Not only can this be frightening, but it is very discomforting. It is critical for therapists to understand not only the aspects of the diagnosis, but also what each individual feels. In the short video where the man describes his experience with bipolar disorder, there was a lot to take note of when watching his interview. The first thing that stood out to me was his flat affect, which makes me wonder if that was from his medication or whether it is from the depressive state that he might be in from his disorder. It was also interesting to hear his feelings on hiding his disorder. Due to society, it explained how men should not express their feelings and that they are really not supposed express sadness about anything. As a therapist who shows no judgement or gender bias, it was eye opening to hear that people feel as if they have to act and feel a certain way based on what society thinks and believes. As a therapist, it is our job to reassure individuals that…

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