Bipolar Disorder And Manic Depressive Disorder Essay

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People are different from one another, sometimes it is not in the control of the said person. Some people tend to have mental illnesses, a vast amount in fact. These illnesses are often developed in the early years of a person 's life, normally in childhood or in the teenage years. They can also develop later in life too though. One of the more severe illnesses is that of the name Manic-Depressive disorder, or more commonly know as Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder includes mood swings that cause different moods in a person at different times, these are called episodes. There are two types of episodes, there are manic and depressive episodes. Manic episodes being the state of mania, and depressive being the state of depression. These episodes often tend to be more frequent in children and teens. It is because of this that bipolar disorder can have a negative effect on a teenagers every day life. School, for example. bipolar disorder can often cause a lowering in grades. This is because the symptoms of mania make it had to sit still and do work, while the symptoms of depression make is hard to feel like doing any work at all. It is because of this that it makes it really hard to do any or turn in any school work. This can most often cause a drop in grades, witch is out of control of the student. A lowering in grades can often make the disorder worse, with the amount of weight put on doing well in school. This pressure can and will most likely cause a worsening of the…

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