Biotechnology Is Used By Human Beings Essay

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Biotechnology is used by human beings because of a set of techniques that will modify any living things, it will touch the lives of many individuals every single day and use them as gadgets. Biotechnology in its current version, will use any molecular biology technology to understand and be able to manage the basic building blocks of any existent things. Biotechnology is an enormous field and the different purposes are used in a combination of enclosures of science such as agriculture and medicine field. It will allow the human beings to preserve themselves against any unhealthy disorders, or illness, biotechnology genetic engineering was able to made them know the many techniques like gene healing, a recombinant a DNA technology and polymerase chain report that will enforce genes and DNA molecules to create an explanation of diseases and put in a new and better and vigorous genes in our body which may put back the damaged cells. About ten thousand years ago biotechnology begin, using biotechnology they selective breeding of animals and plants to improve the value of their food, it was used in time to make bread, ale/beer, and wine.
By the year 1809 to 1882 scientist Charles Darwin work in animal and plants to deliberate in a highly successful technique of selective breeding and be able to achieve specific results. The concept of evolution by any logical selection, based on how fantastic animals will adapt to any habitat or surroundings/situations. The natural process by…

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