Genetic Engineering In Splice, Frankenstein And Blade Runner

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The movies - Splice, Frankenstein and Blade Runner - deal with advanced scientific advancements which all lead to the creation of life forms created through artificial methods, particularly genetic mutation or genetic engineering. Splice is centered on the creation of a novel hybrid creatures through the process of splicing together DNA of different animals. (IMDb, 2009) The genetic engineers responsible gain fame for their achievement, while also acknowledging the unethical nature of their behavior when using human DNA to create the creature. (Hood, 2010) There were multiple times throughout the movie where they questioned whether they should continue with the experiment because of the potential negative consequences as well as the ethics …show more content…
Genetic engineering should involve ethical consideration with regard to dignity, harm reduction and justice so that its benefits outweigh potential harm. The adherence of ethical considerations requires appropriate and careful regulation to ensure that progress is not reduced unnecessarily. (Rahnama & Sanjarian, 2011) Ethics is a conceptual system used in determining right from wrong, as new information is uncovered, systems of ethics are adapted with regard to the new information. History demonstrates the constant change of ethics through time as well as the difference of ethics between cultures, countries, religions and even individuals. Therefore, “legislators and other responsible decision-makers should not implement regulations that unduly restrict implementation of genetic engineering. The technology should not be completely banned or prohibited, but managed justly to ensure a stable and equitable social structure.” (Rahnama & Sanjarian, 2011) In order to avoid harm to humans as a result of scientific advancement, multidisciplinary institutions should be required to provide legal and ethical supervision. (Gutiérrez-Samperio,

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