Biopsychosocial Model Essay

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Biopsychosocial model The Biopsychosocial model of health looks at health in the form of factors, integrating the physical, psychological and social factors of health (Brannon & Feist, 1992). The physical (biological), psychological and social factors may play a role together in disrupting an individual's health, and ultimately they can all influence or be a direct result of stress.
This model works in trying to understand the health of an individual is a holistic point of view.
According to Brannon and Feist (1992), stress can come in different forms. Stress can be in the form of stimuli, can be a reaction to stimulus or it could be a mixture of both, stimulus and reaction.

The Biological Model of Stress
Multiple health issues ranging from lesser problems such as loss of libido, irritability and food cravings, all the way to more severe health issues such as bowel complications, cardiovascular diseases and panic attacks, seem to have a similar catalyst, which is stress.
It was suggested as early as 1914, that the physical condition of an
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Middle adulthood is best described by being a time of highs in social connections, physical health, intensified responsibility, roles, work and limited satisfaction. (Freund & Ritter, 2011). More often than not, middle adulthood is perceived as a negative time, creating the stigma around it, which then leads to the midlife crisis idea. There are also conflicting views about the existence of a midlife crisis.
According to Freund and Ritter (2011), over 90% of middle-aged adults believe that such a thing as a midlife crisis is real, and just over 70% of middle-aged adults stated they personally know someone who had a midlife crisis.

According to Freund and Ritter (2011), midlife crisis can be interpreted as a somewhat extreme personality change where an individual loses the sense of being associated to groups, life roles and values, and the sense of

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