Biometrics Ethical and Privacy Issues Essay

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Biometrics Ethical and Privacy Issues



Biometrics technology aims at utilizing major and distinctive characteristics such as behavioral or biological, for the sake of positively indentifying people. With the help of a combination of hardware and specific identifying sets of rules, a basic human attribute, automated biometric recognition mimics to distinguish and categorize other people as individual and unique. But the challenges surrounding biometrics are great as well.

Biometrics Ethical and Privacy Issues

Biometric systems are technologies that can scan physiological, chemical or behavioral characteristics of a subject for the sake of verifying or in other words authenticating their
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For instance one should view finger printing in moral and political context and also think of specific use that is made of bodies. What is happening is the inscription of a body with identifies/-fiers which is gained by the combination of finger printing, storage in a database and coupling with biometric senses and automated searches. Ethical issue of biometrics is mostly related to the concept o privacy (Kumar & Zhang, 2010).

Biometrics Privacy Issues
There are widespread concerns involving privacy and security regarding the threats while using biometric data with the help of an unchecked and ubiquitous way. Security issues are that any kind of biometric information cannot be effortlessly canceled or replaced while majority of the privacy concerns arise from the fact that biometric information is extremely bound to the identity of an individual to such an extent that it can be used to violate their privacy. With a number of researches on formulating techniques for matching or capturing biometric information, little attention has been given to privacy and security issues in this regard. One of the main issues is surrounding the fact the most of the biometric information cannot be reproduced exactly while a number of efforts are being made in order to develop a practical, effective and simple technique of cryptographic for proper and security and privacy of biometric data. The United States has no laws for protecting data but

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