Biomedical Model And Chemical Imbalance Essay

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Reading Assignment 1: Biomedical Model and Chemical Imbalance For the first article, “The Biomedical Model of Mental Disorder: A critical analysis of its validity, utility, and effects on psychotherapy research”, by Brett Deacon, looks at the biomedical model and the effects it has in the psychiatric field. The author writes that the biomedical model, mental disorders originate in the brain, has been the accepted model for cause and treatments of mental disorders for the past three decades. Basically, this model assumes that there is no difference between mental and physical diseases and can be treated with biological means. However, the author points out that the model fails to explain all of the psychological experience. The model also failed to find single causes for disorders, as explained by the scientific definition for disease or new molecular targets. Deacon explains that this has caused pharmaceutical companies to dramatically scale back efforts to created new medications. Historically, the biomedical model helped the field of psychiatry to unify and be taken more seriously. But, as the author elucidates it has done nothing to help the stigma of mental illness, and there is an increase in mental health disorders and severity of the disorders since the biomedical model has been the standard in the U.S. The author explicates that looking solely at the biomedical model psychiatrists and other mental health professions may miss certain diagnosis in patients,…

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