Essay on Biomedical Engineering And The Human Body

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Our generation is faced with many growing global issues. Many of which have to do with solving medical and healthcare matters. As population increases, as does the risk of an increase in the spread of disease or epidemic growth. This calls for a growing need in biomedical engineering to develop the ideas to save humanity in the future. Biomedical Engineering is a complex process of solving, and then designing ways to solve problems in the human body using medicines or technology to improve humanities overall health. More specifically, Biomedical Neural Engineers, or neuroengineers, works with comprehending, improving, enhancing, and restoring parts of the nervous system. I chose this type of engineer because they focus on the electrical impulses that control the human body, including the brain, and how we can make them superior. There are a variety of different subjects within neural engineering; some of which include brain-machine interface, neurorobotics, tissue regeneration, neuro-rehabilitation, neuro-therapeutics, neural control, neural prostheses, and theoretical/computational neuroscience. The possibilities in this specialty field are endless. Your average neural engineer will spend years working towards and researching in one of these particular subjects. Usually, they hope to find a cure to a brain or nervous system disease or creating new technology/advances within the subject. Overall, the main goal of this career is to improve humanity 's greatest asset, their…

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