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April 25, 2015

The Merge between Watson Pharmaceutical and Arrow

When two firms or companies reach an agreement to combine together

is called merge. When one company buys out another company is called an

acquisition. There are a variety reasons for either of the two and both are a

concern to the public and to policy makers. Mergers are known to have an

impact on market concentration and on the welfare of the public. Mergers

and acquisitions are voluntary and they are conducted by mutual agreement.

In December 2009 The Federal Trade Commission announced that Watson

Pharmaceutical Inc. proposed a $1.7 billion acquisition against rival generic

drug company
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Arrow was known as one of the fastest growing companies

in the pharmaceutical world specializing in generic drugs. Arrow owns

approximately 36 percent of Eden Biodesign, a biopharmaceutical company

that provides a couple different kind of services for early stage

biotech companies, which will provide a long term foundation for generic

biologics. Arrow Pharmaceutical owns the rights to sell an authorized

generic version of the cholesterol fighting drug Lipitor in November 2011.

Paul Bisaro, President and CEO of Watson Pharmaceutical told The

Wall Street Journal in June of 2009 The company has been looking to

expand in order to keep up with rivals and the development of generic

drugs. Bisaro stated, " The combination of these two highly successful

companies with complementary geographies results in a company with

strong commercial positions in such established market as the U.S., France,

Canada, and the U.K.; a sound platform for growth in such solid markets as

Australia, New Zeland, Brazil, Scandinavia, and Germany; and opportunities

for success in emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey,

Japan, and South Africa." "We also benefit from the Arrow management

team's international legal/IP and regulatory expertise and an excellent

record of patent challenge successes in multiple countries," Bisaro

concluded. With the consolidation of the two firms, Watson will gain

additional employees from Arrow. It

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