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Sub-domain 204.2-Life Science
Competency 204.2.1- Molecular and cellular biology

1. Describe at least two specific uses of DNA testing besides testing for genetic defects in children. A. Paternity testing- testing to see if the DNA is a match to the parents. B. Ancestral searches- testing to see if your DNA matches people in specific tribes in Africa or testing to establish ethnic origins or tribal origins. C. Solve ancient mysteries- testing can be done on remains to find the DNA of a person or an animal from long ago. Paleontologists use this to find out the species of animals they find. D. Help with weight loss- Scientists can look at certain genes that predispose people to weight gain and come up with a plan to help these
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When this happens, the fragile X gene is diminished and the conditions that are associated with this are also diminished. When they reproduce, there is also a 50 % chance that they will be a carrier of the Fragile X gene and that they can pass it on to their children.
(Picture- El Camino Hospital Genetics-

C.3- Expression in Males vs. Females

Expressions in males can include- significant intellectual disability, large ears, long face, soft skin, connective tissue problems (including ear infections, flat feet, high palate, double jointed fingers, and hyper flexibility), ADD, or ADHD, autism or autistic behaviors, social anxiety, hand biting, or flapping, sensory disorders and increased risk of aggression. Remember that no one person will have all of the expressions from this disorder. (National fragile x foundation --

Expressions in females can include- milder intellectual disability, milder presentation of behavioral issues, 1/3 of the females have significant disability, and a small percentage of females have no apparent signs of the conditions. (National fragile x foundation --

There are two other subsequent disorders that are associated with Fragile X are "Fragile X-associated

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