Biology Or Choice : Homosexuality Essay

1499 Words Dec 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Grace Rogers
Prof. John Weiss
December 12, 2016

Biology or Choice: Homosexuality in America
Grace Rogers
Daytona State College

Being a gay man or woman in America comes with its fair share of hardships. Suicide, depression, ostracism and stigmatization plague many homosexuals. A lack of acceptance creates a truly serious problem for this group of people. Although gay men and women face these problems every day in America, there are still those that believe they choose to live such a difficult lifestyle. These certain people believe that homosexuals choose their sexual orientation; that they choose to be attracted to the same sex. Someone that is unfamiliar with this topic may ask, “if a person does not choose to be gay, then why are they gay?”. A good response to this question would be to ask whether they consciously chose to be heterosexual. This is the core principal which guides many to believe that being gay is not a choice, but is a biological part of a person’s DNA. It is once again the old “nature versus nurture” debate. Whether or not being gay is a conscious decision or not has created a large spark in society in America and is a very important question to consider. Past the question itself, the LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Queer) community hopes that if people understand that their sexual orientation is not and was not a conscious decision, but instead a feeling and state of being since birth, that more acceptance and tolerance could be…

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