Biology: Chemical Tests and Test Essay

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Biology 100 Lab
Laboratory Report
Title: Identifying the four major classes of macromolecules through various tests.
Group Members: Antonia Johnson, Payton Ewing, Lenneisha Hepburn, Kendisha Hanna, Introduction: Macromolecules also known as biological molecules are monomers which are the simple units of polymers. All macromolecules contain carbon and hydrogen which are found in organic compounds. In this Experiment we will test for the presence of protein, starch, lipids, and sugars by analyzing the content off food and / or other substances by utilizing different testing methods. In the scientific method, a chemical test that is sensitive to these groups can be used to identify molecules that are in that class. Testing involves
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To each of the test tubes added 10 drops of Biuret reagent. Then 1ml of food item/ substance was added to the respective test tube as labeled. The test tubes were allowed to sit for three (3) minutes and observations were carefully observed and recorded.
Iodine Test (test for starch)
Two spot plates were obtained and the depressions were labeled 1-10. Four drops of iodine was then added to each depression and then the food item/substance to be tested was introduced to the depressions containing iodine. Observation of color changes were carefully noted and recorded.
Benedict’s test (test for reducing sugars)
Twelve test tubes were labeled from 1-12 on the upper end using the grease pencil. 1ml of Benedict’s solution was then added to each of the 12 test tubes. 12 drops of the substances/food item to be tested was then added into the test tube. The test tubes were then placed in a water bath for 10 minutes, and then allowed to cool. The color change was then observed, noted send recorded for each of the test tubes.
Sudan Dye test (test

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