Biological, Sociological, And Psychological Theories Of Crime Causation Affect Human Behavior And Actions

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For this week’s unit paper we are to summarize and provide an example of how biological, sociological, and psychological theories of crime causation affect human behavior and actions. Biological theories believe that somewhere there is a biological difference that make criminals commit crimes. There are two different theories that I feel could relate to this and those two would be neuroscience and genetics. Many people do not understand that the brain is very complex and fragile organ which can be damaged by traumatic injury, tumors, neurodevelopment disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, vascular lesions and many other causes. You may hear this in the court room a lot of times especially with juvenile’s. State’s attorney and public defenders will say the the juvenile was unaware of what they have done because of prior injuries the juvenile has sustained as a youth. The proponents of using neuroscience evidence in the courts usually empowers the jury and judge to look at these brain scans and see if the defendant is responsible for their actions. A lot of times i have seen this happen in the court room for youth that have murder’s they say that the juvenile is not aware of there surrounds or there actions at the time of the specific incident that occurred. A lot of people also feel that genetics play a very large role in a child 's behavior. I have a strong feeling for this as well. While I was doing my research I had came along an article called…

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