Biological School Of Thought Essay

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It is amazing how ideas are created, typically in that moment it sounds great and somehow make sense, yet years down the road when other theorist re-test, make their own assumptions, critiquing others as if their assumption is accurate. This discussion will describe biological and psychological school of thought and explain where it started as well where it is today. Also Social disorganization and Anomie theories will be compared and contrast and outlining there classification and origins.
As learned classical school of thoughts has to do with an individual’s understanding their actions, on the crime that they have committed and gaining pleasure on the fact that they could get away with it. On the other hand biological school of thought happens due to someone or society provoking or having mental illness. Akers and Sellers states that "classical school of criminology was humanistic and focused on crimes itself; biological positivism was scientific and concentrated on the measurable characteristics of the individual criminal" (Aker and Sellers, 2009 p. 42). Biological theories was introduced in 1876 by Cesare Lombroso however before his concept people use to study crime with metaphysical, modalities and penologist
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Some people don’t understand the reasons behind their actions, hence to why people attend therapy or counseling to resolve and to have a better understanding. Psychoanalytic does not receive attention in criminology and the logic observation of crime is hard to measure (Aker and Sellers, 2009 p. 64, 65). In today’s world there are some techniques to enhance the behavior of a criminal from Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, to California Psychological Inventory. At times the structure of a community can shape or make a difference on preventing

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