Biological Predisposition Of Crime And Crime Essay

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Is there a biological predisposition to crime? In my personal experience I have had friends who fit this theory and ones that have busted this theory. One of my friends from high school who is currently in prison now for stabbing someone would be a perfect example of the biological theory. Practically all of his cousins and himself had been in some sort of detention center for narcotics or fighting. It will be interesting to see if his son ends up the same way as he did. On the other hand I had another friend from high school who would be the opposite of this theory. He was sent away to a detention center for narcotics and ended up escaping the detention facility and robbing a liquor store at gun point. His family had never been in trouble with the law though. In fact his older brother (by two years) had never had a run in with the law and was practically an angel. Therefore, it poses the question if there really is a predisposition biologically to crime and if so what those certain qualities are.

According to R. Bura they described how Lombroso had categorized criminals into three different categories (Bura, n.d.). The first one is a criminal who is born to commit crimes. There is some sort of biological link that is passed down genetically to invoke violent and criminal behavior. The second kind of criminal is an occasional criminal, which is one who only commits crime because they have thought about it, not just because the option for crime arose. In this second kind of…

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