Biological Factors Of Biological Risk Factors Essay

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Biological Risk Factors
Biological factors such as physical activity and sleep levels play a large role in maintaining a healthy weight. Exercise helps to regulate weight by stimulating the metabolic, endocrine, and hormone processes of the body. Unfortunately, children who live in low-income neighborhoods have inadequate access to safe exercise areas, including parks, green spaces, bike paths, and recreational facilities due to unsafe areas. Likewise, high-crime, traffic, and dangerous playground equipment are common barriers to physical activity in low-income communities. Little that television and video games are hence, to children 's inactivity during times of the year when children typically are outside being physically active (Kirkpatrick, 2011). It has been reported that preschool children spend around 80%of their time in activities classified as sedentary (Biro, 2010). However, the relationship between inactive behavior and obesity is not explained solely by reduced physical activity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2011) recommended that children be active daily at least 60 minutes.
Exercise is an important factor for maintaining health and well-being for all individual. There is evidence supporting the link between physical inactivity and obesity in children (Olson, 2015). Children who are exercise often gain immediate and long-term positive effects. However, low levels of fitness and recent declines in active transportation, such as walking and…

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