Biological Factors Affecting The Behavior Essay

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Biological Factors Biological factors are one area that has the propensity in leading to juvenile delinquency. Cognitive and delayed emotional development can often trigger negative behaviors in a child which will be classified as a “bad child”. Certain mental health disorders contribute to “bad” behaviors which parents hope their child will outgrow. Negative statements like “You act just like your father or you’re going grow up just like no good father” are comments expressed to children when their behavior is less than stellar. The comments indicate that perchance a genetic connection exist between the behaviors exhibited by the parents and their child. Cesear Lambrosso, author of Positivism states that individuals who grow up committing crimes have the biochemical genetic factors causing the behavior. In addition to having the genetic make-up, physical traits are attributed to certain criminals. For example, having a flat nose or extra teeth two characteristics which can help determine the type of criminal. Although this may be a valid issue, the environment in which the child lives and interacts helps to model a particular behavior. Biological factors can be controlled with therapy and medical intervention. Many people are quick to say “children will be children” and minimize their behaviors. As children grow older, behaviors increase and trying to find the root of the problem can be a challenge. School, peers, socio-economic status and…

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