Biological Effects Of Ocean Acidification

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A solution to reversing ocean acidification is to simply quit or limit air pollution. This idea may be very simple, but requires great efforts because some developed countries have become so dependent on the combustion of hydrocarbons as an energy source. By limiting pollution such as sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide, acids would not be able to form within the atmosphere to create acidic solutions. The cut-off of air pollution would also solve other environmental problems. The solution seems to be to turn to renewable sources quickly to avoid further ocean acidification.
If pollution were limited and no actions were taken to neutralize ocean acidification the ocean would be able to neutralize itself over a long time period.
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The mechanism is known as the common ion effect. The effect states that “an ion is suppressed when another source of the same ion is added into the system” (Gilbert; Kirss; Foster). The common ion effect can relate to the formation of bicarbonate ions. As bicarbonate is produced through both sulfuric acid reactions and carbonic acid reactions, the common ion effect resists the formation of bicarbonate to a certain extent. As a result, it is the bicarbonate ion that resists sulfuric acid from dissociating its first …show more content…
Ten giant test tubes-like structures were built by five European scientists. The giant test tubes, or mesocosms are 60 feet long and can hold just under 15,000 gallons of water. Once organisms swim into a mesocosm, they are sealed and the pH of the water is lowered to predicted pH level of 7.8 at the end of the century. A pH of 7.8 has been observed to slow some fish larvae growth and present abnormal behavior within species. Some abnormal behaviors from species including clown fish and sea snails were observed swimming toward predators. The pH of the solution is lowered by introducing carbon dioxide into the solution. Another great feature about the mesocosm technology other than predicting impact on organisms is that it can be relocated to different ecosystems throughout the world’s oceans. One of these mesocosms was installed in the Swedish Gullmarn Fjord near Kristineberg,

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