Biological And Psychological Theories Of Crime Causation Essay

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Introduction The assignment for this week is to discuss and use examples of how Sociological, Biological and psychological theories of crime causation will affect human behavior and their actions. In the start of criminology Cesare Beccaria and Jeremy Bentham felt that crime was a product of someone’s rational choices and it could be deterred with controlled methods. Later on in time criminologists would expand and develop better ideas on why humans commit crimes. Their Ideas were through coming up with theories that would bring out psychological, Sociological and Biological reasons that people will commit crimes. These theories will help us understand crime, perpetrator and their behavior along with the chances if they could or would re – commit a crime.
Sociological Theories The main point of this theory is that the place where a person is at within their society will contribute to the reason they may commit a crime. The four theories that we will consider are Strain Theory, Labeling Theory, Cultural Deviance and Social Learning Theory. The Strain Theory believes crime is a function of people’s conflict between their means and goals and the ways they can obtain them. Most all Strain theorists will argue social and economic goals are what people look at and want to obtain to be class dependent. People within the United States have a desire to gain power, wealth, possessions, prestige with their life time. People that are stuck within the…

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