Biological And Chemical Processes Of Bacteria Essay

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Identification of bacteria can be a difficult process due to the fact that individual bacterial cells can possess similar structural morphology to other types of bacteria. As we have demonstrated in previous lab experiments there are key biological and chemical processes that are characteristic to different types of bacteria. Using various biochemical tests we can evaluate and detect these different processes to aid in our identification of unknown bacterial samples. The implications of these test results can be applied in the medical world when determining an agent responsible for an infection and the cause of disease. Use of an optimal decision tree to sort the results of biochemical tests helps to identify an organism while using as few steps as possible. This method streamlines the identification process, saving resources and time. We hypothesize that, given an unknown organism, we can use the biochemical tests and growth mediums at our disposal to identify the organism by its unique chemical processes and morphological traits. Using our results we can create an optimal decision tree for identifying our specific organism.

Methods and Procedures Our group was given unknown bacterial sample number 7 to test and identify. As with all other experiments where we dealt with bacteria, aseptic techniques are necessary to prevent contaminated test samples and incorrect data. Our first procedure was to streak two agar plates to observe growth factors. A sterilized inoculating…

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