Biological And Biological Causes Of Alcoholism Essay

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Biological and Neurological Causes and Treatments of Alcoholism
Shawna Anderson
Southwestern College Professional Studies

Alcoholism is very common in the United States and affects nearly 20% of the United States population. Alcoholism ranges from a variety of dependences related to biological and neurological functions. These dependences can affect one physically, psychologically or emotionally and can come from a combination of biological and environmental influences. Alcoholism can increase the risk for many types of diseases including liver disease, heart disease, and brain damage. There are treatments available for people with alcoholism, however many of those that suffer from this disorder do not know they have a problem until it is too late.

Biological and Neurological Causes and Treatments of Alcoholism
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There are biological factors as well as environmental influences that are involved in suffering from this disorder. People with alcohol dependence rely not only on alcohol physically, but psychologically and emotionally as well. People that become dependent on alcohol have a risk of depression, social and economic acceptance and suicidal thoughts and attempts. Alcoholism can also play a huge role in violent crimes including murder and homicide. People that suffer from this disorder are mentally confused and sometimes act with no regards to others safety or their own. Alcoholics differ in many ways and come in different varieties. Drinking patterns, personality traits, psychiatric disorders and the type of dependence can be different any many alcoholics, but they all suffer from

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