Essay about Biol Exam 1st Yr

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BIOL1102 2008

Practice Questions from week 2 lectures

1. The presence of cholesterol in the plasma membrane of some animals: a) Enables the membrane to stay fluid more easily when cell temperature drops b) Enables the animal to remove hydrogen atoms from saturated phospholipids c) Enables the animal to add hydrogen atoms to unsaturated phospholipids d) Makes the membrane less flexible, allowing it to sustain greater pressure from within the cell e) Makes the animal more susceptible to circulatory disorders

2. What kinds of molecules pass through a cell membrane most easily? a) Large and hydrophobic b) Small and hydrophobic
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What is the function of reverse transcriptase in HIV? a) It hydrolyses the host cell’s DNA b) It converts host cell RNA into viral DNA. c) It uses viral RNA as a template for DNA synthesis. d) It translates viral RNA as a template for making complementary RNA strands.

42. Genetic diversity in bacterial populations never results from: a) Transduction b) Transformation c) Conjugation d) Meiosis e) Mutation

43. Which of the following characteristics or processes is common to both bacteria and viruses? a) Binary fission b) Plasmid c) Genetic material of nucleic acid d) Mitosis e) conjugation

Practice Questions from week 4 lectures

1. Synthesis of a new DNA strand usually begins with:
a) An RNA primer b) A DNA primer c) An Okazaki fragment d) DNA ligase e) A thymine dimmer

2. A eukaryotic cell lacking active telomerase would a) Be unable to take up DNA from the surrounding solution b) Be unable to identify and correct mismatch nucleotides c) Experience a gradual reduction of chromosome length with each replication cycle d)

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