Biography Paper Prompt : Ruth Hart

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Biography Paper Prompt:

Ruth Hart is a retired missionary, where she is now leaving in a small house in Renton, Washington. Both she and her husband are living comfortably and up to this day they are still financially supporting missionaries across the country. She was born in Tree Hills, Alberta, Canada on December 17, 1930. She was the daughter of a pastor. This little girl was the middle child out of six siblings. She had two brothers and four sisters. Because she was the middle child, she was constantly picked on and at the same time had to play the role of an older sister. As a child, one of the things that she vividly remembers is being afraid of the dark. She remembers being afraid of the dark because when she was a child her siblings would scared her by saying that the bear was coming to get her and that at night the man underneath her bed will come and snatch her. Where she would desperately search under her bed to make sure the man was not there every night before she went to sleep. During her early childhood stage, she had the opportunity to play with her siblings and was not deprived from having the social interaction that a child needs to have while growing up. Although, she was a fairly easy child she does not remember not get involved in antics. Now, as she looks back to her early childhood she describes herself as a scary cat and laughs at her memories. But what this little girl didn’t know was that she was very sensitive and loved and admired her siblings.…

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