Biography Of Sally Satel 's Marketing Plan Essay example

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Sally Satel was born January 9, 1956 who was an American psychiatrist was based out of Washington D. C. She was a professor at Yale University School of medicine. Ms. Satel felt brainwashing is a part of a seductive appeal of mindless neuroscience. Satel trying to get the consumer to see how buyologist denote marketers who exaggerate what neuroscience able to brainwash a person into buying a product through marketing and branding of different methods.
This is by taking most popular social media methods, (Facebook, Google, and Disney) by branding the products logos to help sale their products. The company hires neuromarkers, which helps develop their advertising campaigns. This gets the consumers’ to scientifully understand the reason they desire to buy a particular product over others.
Satel speaks about the company’s marketing plan using branding for their product. Many companies combined marketing and branding together. Each method contributed to making sure the product becomes an interest to the consumer. Marketing contribute to the brand as branding contributes to the culture itself. This portion remains, after everything else seem to fail. This is why companies feel branding the product should be including with marketing to make sure this does not occur. Branding ultimately determines if the consumer will be loyal or not. For example – “Burger King sells a product, but McDonald’s sells an experience.” …and they sell it effectively to young children. In doing…

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