Biography Of Robert E. Webber Essay

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Robert E. Webber addresses a very important important issue in the modern Christian era by asking, “Who gets to narrate the world?” He is pressing the fact that the majority of Christians have failed to realize the wholeness of scripture in regard to practicality and application to our everyday lives. He also addresses how modern Christians live in such a way that when people look at scripture, they perceive it as “my” redemption story instead of realizing the global and even universal impact of the Gospel. Webber states that in doing so, Christians begin to suffer from reductionism. It is a form of study and way of life that diminishes true power of scripture by piecing together different sections of the Bible for personal use/application. He then makes a smooth transition into a historical context of the Bible by recalling multiple events, such as the rise, the fall, and the resurrection, to again make his point on how these events are the certain events that when asked, modern Christians would jump straight to. Finally, he ends the chapter by speaking on how we need to recover God’s fullness in today’s society before muslim influence overtakes the belief that our One True God ultimately rules the world and universe we live in. Webber begins the next part of his book by speaking on Roman behavior and the culture that surrounded Jesus. He mentioned of how Rome was such a gorgeous nightmare. New cities were built, temples were restored, and for the next two hundred years…

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