Biography of Rihanna Essay

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Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty Robyn Fenty the Barbadian superstar also known as Rihanna started out known as a cookie cutter teen pop star after she moved to the United States at sixteen years old. Born on February 20, 1988 in St. Michael, Barbados she grew up in a 3 bedroom house with her mom, dad, three brothers and two sisters. She worked with her father at a vendor booth selling clothes, although most of their money went to support her father’s drug and alcohol addictions. She began signing when she was seven with two of her classmates but it wasn’t until she was sixteen that she met Evan Rogers and began to work with him and moved out of Barbados. A year after moving to the states she was asked to meet with Jay-z at DefJam Records where she …show more content…
She had been on four tours around the world and has one upcoming tour Diamonds World Tour which will be her biggest, longest tour yet. Rihanna often gives credit to her idols that all influenced her in different ways. The person she says influenced her the most would be Madonna saying “I want to be the Black Madonna.” She also has said that Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Mariah Carey and Destiny’s child were very influential on her life becoming a successful artist in today’s music industry. Rihanna has become an influential person herself, having been and idol for Justin Bieber and Rita Ora, both younger artists. She has been named one of the most influential people in the world and ranks fourth in the most powerful celebrities. She has received many awards including five American Music awards, eighteen Billboard Music awards, two BRIT awards and 5 Grammys. She has had eleven number one singles on Billboards top 100 and was named Digital Artist for the 2000’s by Billboard Music as well. She is the highest selling digital artist of all time with 47,571,000 sold singles as of early 2012. Forbes reported that she earned a little over $82 million between May 2010 and May 2012 and she continues to expand on her career. Rihanna in known for her thought provoking music videos, many of them with under-lying meanings. Much like Madonna she incorporates substance abuse, domestic violence or love triangles into her videos.

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