Essay on Biography Of Richard Rodriguez ' A Scholarship Boy

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Some people believed that a cultural bond is the essential root to their happiness. The time spent with family carried lessons for them to fundamentally grow. Sometimes family experiences presented educational lessons that different perspectives. However, the way people valued their family`s role in education could determine the quality of how they wished to learn. Richard Rodriguez`s priority of education separated him from the cultural ties he had with his family, which negatively impacted his perspective of education throughout his academic life. It pleased him to be a mimic of education of his teachers until he read Richard Hoggart`s book, The Uses of Literacy, which defined him as a “scholarship boy.”
Richard Rodriguez thought being a “scholarship boy” was good until he was in college where his previous compulsion to memorize and regurgitate what his teachers said prevented him from excelling in school. When his professors asked him to provide new knowledge he only knew how to regurgitate what his teacher had taught him. When he reflected on his past he realized, “I seemed unable to dare a passionate statement. I felt drawn by professionalism to the edge of sterility, capable of no more than pedantic, lifeless, unassailable prose” (Rodriguez 354). Richard Rodriguez thought he would be acknowledged by what he knew, but instead he felt useless because his college courses were concerned about how he used his information to make new knowledge. He was regarded as nuisance…

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