Biography Of Peter The Great ' Essay

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This quote, “It is my great desire to reform my subjects, and yet I am ashamed to confess that I am unable to reform myself,” from Peter the Great, shows the sophistication he possessed, and also reflects the attention that he gave to Russia in order to reform it into a better society. Obviously, since he was called Peter “the Great,” he must have influenced history. This is shown through the fact that he was mainly successful in completely overhauling Russia and its economy, government, and society and left a lasting impression that the world would forever feel. Before discussing the breakthroughs that Peter brought, it is also important to note how he rose to power. He was born in Moscow in 1672, with the name of Pyotr Alekseyevic. He shared his power with Ivan the Fifth from 1682 until 1696, when Ivan died. This meant that Peter now had free reign with full control. At this moment, he saw how behind and rudimentary his country was, which led to him implementing comprehensive reforms in order to catch up to western powers. In order to accomplish this, his reforms mainly focused on modernizing a lagging nation. To understand how western nations were so ahead, he examined the policies and technology, even personally going on a trip from 1697 to 1698. When he came back, he took in some of the ideology from western powers and implanted these changes into Russian society, especially focusing on military, government, and religion. One of his greatest successes was turning…

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