Biography of Michael Jordan Essay example

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"There's Michael, then there is the rest of us," Magic Johnson famously quoted. Even the brilliant stars of his era praise Michael's greatness. This shows how great he really is on the court. Michael has the unique combination of grace, power, speed, quickness, and an unquenchable competitive desire. But, who knew that Michael was cut from the varsity team when he was a sophomore at Laney High School? Are you out of your mind! I know that if I were the coach, I would definitely keep a guy of Michael's caliber. During this time, Michael was just a slim guy with average skills. His failure to make the varsity team motivated him to strive to be the best by practicing as often as the sun rises. He attended North Carolina in college and in his …show more content…
They double-teamed him every chance they get, hacked him, and fouled him hard every time he drove to the basket. The third time the Bulls faced them, they got revenge and eliminated the Pistons. This time they had great coaching with Phil Jackson on the bench. Phil ran a system called the Triangle Offense, which incorporated every player and gave rhythm to the offense. They went on to beat the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals to become the World Champions. The Bulls came up victorious the next two years beating Portland and Phoenix to cap off a three-peat. Then, he won an Olympic gold medal with Team USA in the 1992 Olympic Games. During the off-season after their three-peat, a tragedy struck Michael's life. His father was murdered during an armed robbery in their house. His father's death ended one of the most successful and difficult periods of his life. He was devastated by his dad's death, but later realized that it happened for a reason. After the three-peat, Michael decided to retire from the game he loved. All the stress, tension, and attention overcame him so he wanted to relieve his self from all of that. For him, retirement means no restraints. He wants to have the freedom to do anything he feels like without feeling confined. He likes to live in the moment, not knowing what he would do next.
He turned to his first love, baseball. He witnessed athletes such as Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders both doing two sports. Michael Jordan enjoyed his

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