Biography Of Merle Hodge 's ' Crick Crack ' Essay

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Merle Hodge’s novella Crick Crack, Monkey illustrates that Western culture has not only physically colonized the Caribbean nations, but also has colonized the minds of the community. The novella focuses on Cynthia, a young Caribbean girl whose Aunts share a similar desire for her to overcome her “ornery” background and become Westernized through education. Cynthia’s altering alienation from and acclimation to the different tiers of society parallel her progress through the Caribbean school system. As Cynthia rises above one tier of society and enters the next, she realizes that she will be unable to return to her origins, which leaves her feeling alienated from her “mother country”. Her feelings of alienation increase as she becomes more aware of the nuanced society in which she lives. Since she cannot return to the societies from which she came, the only solution for Cynthia is to continue the escalation through society that her Aunts began for her, even though she does not understand the importance of her Westernized education. Since Cynthia has no frame of reference to connect the Western culture to her Caribbean culture, she cannot truly belong to either the Caribbean culture or the Western culture.
Cynthia struggles to create relationships between the conflicting social spheres she now inhabits. Cynthia’s social status and social awareness increases through her education and she becomes more sensitive to what Aunt Beatrice calls the “blackness” of the urban class: “You…

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