Biography Of Liang Qichao 's Life On The Lives Of The American People

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Liang Qichao was born in 1873 and lived until 1929. During this time he was a young colleague and follower of Kang Youwei (1858-1927) during the failed “100 Days Reform” of 1898. During this time he visited America and wrote about his observations and experiences in a book titled Observation on a Trip to America. The majority of his experiences happened in New York City where he discussed the things he was amazed about and found admirable about America as well as the issues and experiences he found troubling. Furthermore he compared throughout much of his writing the lives of Americans to those of the Chinese, and he discussed his thoughts about the future of life in China. Throughout the writing Liang Qichao discussed many aspects of American life in which he admired. Although he admired many aspects of the area and environment we live in, continuously he talked about the amazing aspects of the daily lives of the American people. He enjoyed the fact that Westerners work only eight hours per day and usually rest on the weekends or if not both days primarily on Sundays. Where he comes from people work every day all day and rarely ever become as wealthy as Americans. He admired how the schools are in session for six hours a day and 140 days per year, and although Americans go to school less than that of the Chinese their studies are superior. He admired how efficient the American workers are. Where he comes from it would take three to four people to do the same job that one…

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