Biography Of John W. Allen Essay

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John W. Allen, born April 21, 1970 and passed away September 2, 2012.He suffered from diabetes and didn 't take care of himself very well. He was a good man and meant well, even if some people thought differently. Everything seemed great at first after my mother and father got together. My mother and father had two kids, my brother Timothy And I. My father did some things my mother did not approve of and caused many complications with the family life, which caused my parents to separate and go their separate ways. My father may have not always been there for me, but he loved me and my brother unconditionally. My father wasn 't raised the greatest, his parents disliked him because of the diabetes and he was treated wrong. His parents would kick him out over and over again, putting him out on the street with no home. If he wasn 't kicked out he was beat on, his parents thought he was a burden to the family because of his health issues. He eventually moved out, but he still kept in contact with his parents. Then he meet my mother and had a family with her. After my mother and father got together and had kids, they got a divorce. The divorce occurred because he believed in what his parents did to him was right, so he did it to my brother and I. When I was a baby he would shake me when I wouldn 't stop crying. He would beat my diabetic brother with a belt because he would sneak food. My brother was young, so he didn 't know better so he shouldn 't of got that type of…

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