Essay about Biography Of John L. Esposito

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John L. Esposito is a professor of Religion and International Affairs and of Islamic studies at Georgetown University. A former graduate of Temple University with a PhD in Islamic studies. He previously has served as a past president of Middle East Studies Association of North America, and also American Council for the of Islamic Societies. He is an author of numerous other books that involve Islam. Unholy War was published in the wake of the September 11th attacks.
Unholy War begins by going into the making of a modern terrorist, as the first chapter is titled. The main focus is on Osama Bin Laden, and his road to being the number 1 sought after terrorist by the American government. Bin Laden was raised in a strict household and was shaped by two main factors. He was living during the 1970’s, a time in which revolutionary Islam began to spread; to accompany this he was shaped by a Wahhabi interpretation of Islam which was “a re-creation of Islam’s seventh-century beginnings under the Prophet Muhammad” (Esposito pg 6). These are essential keys in understanding where Bin Laden is coming from. Bin Laden has called for a global jihad, and has also explained his attacks were part of a defensive jihad against America. Jihad is the most prominent and essential key to understanding the reasoning behind terrorist attacks in the name of Islam. Jihad’s meaning and interpretation will play the major recurring issue in understanding throughout the book.
Jihads literal meaning is “to…

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