Johann Sebastian Bach

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She was born on 20 October 1684 at Gehren, where her father, Johann Michael Bach, was employed as organist. It is presumed that she and Bach were living within the same residence, when she came to live with her uncle after her mother’s passing in October 1704.
Needless to say, Johann Sebastian did not exactly live the life of a saint during his Arnstadt term. He eventually searched elsewhere until an opportunity arose at Mühlhausen.
Johann Georg Ahle, organist of the Blasiuskirche in Mühlhausen, died on 2 December 1706. The city wanted to revive its depleting music life. On Easter Sunday 1707, Johann Sebastian Bach gave a test performance as organist, and he obtained the reputable position as organist in June of the same year. This year proved
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Soon upon their arrival in Weimar, Maria gave birth to their first child, Catharina Dorothea. In 1713 the 'Hunt ' cantata Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd, BWV 208 was performed at for the local Duke Christian of Saxony-Weissenfels. This was Johann Sebastian 's first secular cantata, and it implemented the new Italian method with recitatives and da capo arias.
In 1713, Bach was offered the post of successor to Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow, former educator of Handel, at the Liebfrauenkirche in Halle, but he decided to remain in Weimar when duke Wilhelm Ernst doubled his salary. There was speculation that Bach had taken advantage of the Halle offer to gain prestige at Weimar. On the other hand, as displayed by this letter to the lawyer August Becker, Sebastian claimed that he had not behaved unjustly when reaching a decision with the Halle authorities: Most distinguished, learned, and honoured
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They imagine that I sought the post of organist, but I am not aware of any such thing. As I see it, I allowed my name to go forward and the worshipful Collegium approached me; for after presenting myself I was quite ready to leave, and would have done so had not Dr Heineccius courteously insisted that I should remain to compose the Stuck [cantata] you know of. Besides, no-one can be expected to move to a place where he will be worse off, and yet this is something that cannot be ascertained in two or three weeks. Indeed, in my firm opinion net even after several years, let alone fourteen days, can one evaluate the salary of a position in which the Accidentia must be taken into account. This was partly the reason why I accepted the appointment and then requested that I might withdraw. However, it should not be concluded from all this that I have deceived the worshipful Collegium so as to persuade my gracious Master to increase my salary; he already holds my service and my art in such regard that there is no need for me to travel to Halle in order to improve my salary here. I am sorry, then, that what the worshipful Collegium was so certain of has turned out so uncertainly, but I would add the following: even were I to earn as much in Halle as I do here in Weimar,

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