Essay Biography Of Jean Paul 's Style Of Writing

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Jean Paul was a German Romantic writer in the late 18th and early 19th century. His most famous novel Titan portrayed his style of writing, which was very extreme during his life with Paul writing about vivid details particularly on the emotional spectrum. This is also showed in many admirers of Paul’s writing were predominantly women. Schumann said in respect for Jean Paul’s writing, “ In all of his works, Jean Paul mirrors himself, but always as two persons, he is Albano and Schoppe [in Titan], Seibankäs and Leibgeber [Seibenkäs], and Vult and Walt [Flegeljahire]”. Schumann also had projections of himself much like how Paul portrayed in his novels. This could have been the first sign of Schumann’s mental state deteriorating. One projection of himself was named Florestan, which, portrayed all of his masculine characteristics, and the other was named Eusebius, which portrayed all of his feminine characteristics.
Jean Paul’s writing would forever change how Schumann viewed music as he always tried to combine the sublimes emotions of music with sublime emotions depicted in poetry and literature. The first example can be seen in Schumann’s second published work, Papillons Op.2, which is based on a scene in Paul’s novel, Flegeljahire. This was the first piece that depicted the term “program music”. Schumann had admitted that he did not adapt the music to the text, but instead adapted the text to the music. This piece portrayed the battle of the main characters and brothers…

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