Biography Of Henry David Thoreau 's ' Heaven Is Under Our Feet As Well As Over Our Heads.

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Henry David Thoreau once said “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” (Thoreau, n.d.). To one that takes the time see what majestic features the earth has and creates in a one’s life time is breath taking. The hydrologic cycle is one interesting aspect that will be discussed and the state of Colorado will be used as an example. Another such wonder is the glacial landscape. How a glacial landscape is formed and some of its features will be discussed as well.
Hydrologic Cycle The hydrologic cycle is a delicately balanced system dealing with water. With the earth’s oceans covering 71% of earth, which doesn’t include any fresh water or ground water percentages; it appears water is everywhere (Cain, 2010). With water everywhere it is continually in action. Starting with evaporation of water in the hydrologic cycle, water unremittingly evaporates entering into earth’s atmosphere as vapor. Over time the vapors combine with other particles in the air to form clouds that eventually form rain clouds (Condensation, 2014). From the rain clouds we get precipitation. With the advent of precipitation water is returned to the earth’s surface. Once on the surface the precipitation is either stored in the ground, in plants or runs off into other lakes, streams or ponds. The run off in some cases is lead strait back to earth’s oceans, it just depends on where the rainfall occurs. In some cases water is stored in glaciers instead of being absorbed by the ground or run off…

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