Biography Of Helen Amelia Thomas ( 1920-2013 ) Essay

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Helen Amelia Thomas (1920-2013), was a respected American reporter, political correspondent and author who broke professional and social gender barriers in the field of journalism. In particular she is known for her coverage of ten different Presidential administrations and her role as a premier member of the White House Press Corps for five decades. As a woman reporting at the White House Thomas earned the praise of her colleagues and soon became the first female member of the National Press Club, a member of the White House Correspondents ' Association, and later the Gridiron Club. Thomas also served as president of the Women 's National Press Club (1959-1960), became the first woman promoted to the post of White House bureau chief (1974) for United Press International (UPI), and later was the first woman to become the president of the White House Correspondents Association (1975-1976). Throughout her career, Thomas remained a member of the White House Press Corps and covered every American Presidential administration from Dwight Eisenhower (1890-1969, Pres. 1953-1961) to Barack Obama (1961-, Pres. 2009-). As such, she was an immensely respected reporter and noted political journalist throughout the latter half of the twentieth century. Thomas was dubbed the First Lady of the Press or Dean of the White House Press Corps by her colleagues and is best remembered for having her own front seat in the White House briefing room, her direct line of questioning Presidents, and…

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