Essay Biography Of Fredrick August Wilson 's ' The Blues '

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Fredrick August Kittle, was born on April 27, 1945, in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wilson, who dropped his father’s name and changed it to August Wilson in his twenties, was the son of Daisy Wilson, an African American cleaning women, and Frederick Kittle, a German immigrant (PBS). Wilson was raised by his mother with his siblings, and bounced from school to school before finally dropping out of high school in his early teens. August Wilson was a talented writer and when he was kicked out of his last school for supposed “plagiarism”, his teacher stating that a black boy could never write that well, he would spend all of his time at the Carnegie Library educating himself (Basil, 4). As an avid reader from a young age, Wilson would soon find a new love, and appreciation for the written word. During this time, August Wilson also found comfort in music, especially the blues. He spent a lot of his time listening to the jazz music and the stories of different residents’ in the Hill District. This experience would only heighten his love for storytelling and the blues (Basil D, 5). In 1980, August Wilson relocated to Minneapolis where he was given a fellowship to the Minnesota Playwrights Center. This would then lead to his acceptance into the National Playwrights Conference in Connecticut where Wilson would meet with different artists, and collaborate with them on many new kinds of works (Basil D, 7). One person in particular that Wilson would meet is Lloyd…

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